Anger, disbelief, fury: 19 local news stories which show Boris’s Partygate has achieved ‘cut through’

Boris Johnson apologies — but is the damage done?

For weeks, it has been the story the Government has been trying to ignore — the seemingly never-ending stream of revelations about parties at Downing Street while the country was under lockdown restrictions.

Arguably the most damaging has been the most recent revelation — of a garden party held just yards from where Downing Street briefings urged us all to stay indoor — is the one which emerged this week.

It left the prime minister, Boris Johnson, with no choice to but to apologise to MPs today in Parliament. It surely is the moment when even the most slippery of Boris supporting MP has to admit that this is no longer a story they can fob off as ‘not what our constituents are talking about.’

It is, without doubt, a political story which has achieved cut through.

How do we know? The websites of local newspapers tell their own story. Here are 19 stories of people reacting to what has happened — stories written because local journalists know people are talking about this issue, and indeed, that it is an issue they should be writing about…

1. The daughter who couldn’t see her elderly mother for nine months

2. The husband whose wife died of a broken heart, alone, in a care home

3. ‘It makes me feel sick’: Bereaved families slam Boris Johnson for ‘partying in Downing Street’ as their loved ones were dying alone

4. Why so many are furious over partygate

5. The anger on the streets in County Durham

6. Son ‘gobsmacked’ by alleged Downing Street party on same day as mother’s funeral

7. Tears of woman who lost mum to Covid

8. They partied on the day of this Suffolk funeral

9. The West Lothian pensioner with dementia who spent her 90th birthday alone while PM partied in Downing Street

10. Mum’s disgust at alleged Downing Street party days before her grandad’s socially-distanced funeral

11. ‘Absolutely disgusted’: Grieving mother who buried her son two days before alleged No 10 party reacts to latest claims

12. Woman’s disgust at alleged Downing Street party on day her dad’s death certificate was signed

13. Woman ‘haunted’ by fact family couldn’t hold beloved brother as he died

14. ‘The day after the Downing Street party I wished my dad a happy 60th through a window — 6 weeks later he died of cancer’

15. ‘I was robbed of last days with my mum while Downing Street had a drinks party’: Daughter who lost mum on day of alleged party encourages others to speak out

16. ‘Boris Johnson’s not fit to be Prime Minister’: Forfar man forced to watch mum’s funeral online two days before No10 party

17. Sunderland woman on why Boris should admit to Downing Street party

18. Fury and tears of son who couldn’t even hug mum at dad’s funeral held same month as Downing Street party

19. I was fined £100 for a lockdown party — can I have my money back?

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