CambridgeshireLive-backed Covid-19 campaign sets £1m fundraising target

A campaign set up to raise £300,000 to support people impacted by Covid-19 in Cambridgeshire has smashed its target — and now set a new goal of £1m.

The Cambridgeshire Coronavirus Community Fund, which Cambridge News and CambridgeshireLive are media partners for, asks the public to donate what they can to fund projects to help older and vulnerable people affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Following an allocation of £63,850 from the National Emergencies Trust, along with £20,000 from charity The Northwick Trust and an anonymous £5,000 charity, the fund has now raised just over £334,000.

David Bartlett, Cambridge News editor-in-chief, said: “I am overwhelmed by the support from our readers for this absolutely vital appeal.

“Money is coming in all the time — however, we know that the need amongst our communities is becoming acute.

“The fact the fundraising total has now had to rise to £1m should show the scale of the need.

“Please donate what you can, so we can make sure no one goes hungry at this time.”

Michael O’Toole, chief executive of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, which is running the appeal, said: “We have been blown away by the generosity of the people and businesses of Cambridgeshire.

“The fabulous support from the county council, Cambridge City Council and the National Emergencies Trust have been huge too.

“To have surpassed our initial target of £300,000 in just over two weeks is incredible and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported the Cambridgeshire Coronavirus Community Fund appeal.

“At the same time the scale of what is needed is becoming clear. Older and vulnerable people are facing huge challenges, especially people who are isolated in our rural areas and many facing hardship and deprivation in the cities.

“Amazingly though community groups and local charities are rising to these challenges. They are providing food, support and are determined to look after the welfare of those who face the biggest threats from this awful virus.

“Most of the money we have raised has already been committed so we need to raise more, much more!

If you would like to donate to the fund, please click here. Anything you can give is appreciated.




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