Camden New Journal focuses on climate crisis as new year kicks off

A London weekly newspaper kicked off 2022 with a special ‘Eco 2022’ edition to highlight the local impact global warming is having — and what readers could do about it.

The Camden New Journal carried a green-related article on every page of its January 6 edition, with each environmentally-focused story having a green wash behind it too.

The edition marked the start of the paper’s 40th year in operation, founded following the closure of the old Camden Journal in 1982.

Four pages, sponsored by a range of local organisations, carried in-depth articles on work going on to tackle the causes of climate change in the Camden area, as well as features throughout the paper looking at individual activities.

Stories included how Kentish Town City Farm goats tucked into recycled Christmas trees, the risk posed by toxic air in the Capital, and a review of the new Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, which deals with climate change.

A group which holds events to discuss climate change was also celebrated, as was Camden’s new Library of Things, which aims to reduce the number of ‘use once’ purchases local people make.

A scheme to give out free trees to create a new ‘forest’ was reported on, as was a hospital trust determined to keep reducing its carbon footprint, even as it continues to battle rising Covid rates.

Kicking off the special edition, editor Richard Osley said: “These are not easy times for the local newspaper industry, not many are immune to the economic strain of the pandemic, but we will continue to strive to be a forum for debate, as was intended at the paper’s inception.

“This week, a special edition designed to illustrate some of the efforts that are being made in Camden to meet the climate crisis. It’s the issue that trumps them all.

“On nearly every page, a story or conversation-starting piece. You may not agree with every word or suggested strategy, but we cannot ignore the red alert that bleeps louder every year.

“They are sentiments that come from the same well of concern that we all hold for this and future generations.”

Richard thanked sponsors whose help allowed the paper to clear regular advertising, enabling more space for coverage of climate issues.

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The stories behind the stories, from the regional press in the UK

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