England expects: Heroics from graphic designers!

By the end of today, heroes could have been immortalised — if, of course, you’re an England fan.

The heroes the morning, as far as the regional press is concerned, are surely the front page designers involved in England’s small band of Sunday publications.

The Sunday Sun, MEN on Sunday and Sunday Mercury all wiped out their fronts to get behind England:

While the Echo in Liverpool cleared a large portion of the front to celebrate the role of its two Jordans — Henderson and Pickford — who have been instrumental in England’s success so far:

The Sunday Herald in Glasgow devoted space on the front page to why wanting ‘anyone but England’ to win wasn’t anglophobic:

While Wales On Sunday decided to focus on a different sport altogether:

90 minutes tonight will determine what tomorrow’s fronts look like!



The stories behind the stories, from the regional press in the UK

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