Four local publishers win funding to pioneer solutions journalism

Four publishers in the UK have won funding to pioneer solutions journalism, which encourages journalists and communities to work together to find answers to problems

Four local news publishers in the UK are to be awarded grants to help develop solutions journalism projects.

The Ferret, based in Scotland, hyperlocal magazine Greater Govanhill, The Bristol Cable and the London Evening Standard have all made it on to the ‘awarded newsrooms’ list for the Solutions Journalism Accelerator programme, organised by the European Journalism Centre and the Solutions Journalism Network.

A total of 1.3m euros is being invested in projects across Europe.

The Bristol Cable will identify, investigate and share solutions being pioneered in Bristol and around the world which help develop more sustainable, equitable and democratic cities. The year-long reporting series will focus on the themes: how people move around cities, how space is organised, and they are resourced.

Lucas Batt, membership and fundraising lead at the Cable, said: ​​“As a local newspaper that puts communities and impact at the heart of everything we do, we’re so grateful and energised to have this huge opportunity to further pioneer solutions journalism here in Bristol. With this grant, we will be able to find, document, and engage people in big solutions to city-based issues, and drive forward a positive, solutions-focused local and international conversation on the future of cities.”

A collaboration between The Ferret with Greater Govanhill will bring together investigative and solutions journalism for a deep dive into health inequalities in Scotland.

Combining The Ferret’s experience in Scotland-wide investigative journalism with Greater Govanhill’s hyperlocal solutions-focused community approach will result in stories that bring together the national and the local, the macro and the micro, to explore solutions to the health-related issues facing Scotland’s communities.

Rhiannon Davies, founding editor of Greater Govanhill, said: “We’re very excited to be partnering with The Ferret for this project. Bringing a solutions focus to issues that impact our community is at the heart of what we do. Working with The Ferret will enable us to expand that lens beyond our neighbourhood and see how different communities around Scotland are being affected by health inequality, and what can be done about it. This is a chance to move the conversation forward on a much wider scale.”

The Evening Standard’s reporting project aims to shine a light on under-reported innovations and solutions from across the developing world that help girls realise their rights to education and healthy, productive futures.

In a series of 12 character-driven stories from Africa, South Asia and Latin America, the project will explore local solutions and how they may be replicated in other parts of the globe.

Charlotte Ross, acting editor, said: “Our team at the Evening Standard is thrilled to have this opportunity to explore the challenges and solutions to educating the next generation of women around the world. It’s a topic close to the hearts of our audience but one which is often overlooked. This grant will allow us to illuminate the vital work of global changemakers and local heroes striving to help girls learn and flourish, showcasing examples of success in a compelling multimedia series.”

Apart from receiving grant funding to implement their projects, the awarded organisations will also have the opportunity to benefit from mentoring over the next 12 months.

The 10 successful projects selected by an external independent jury will inform societies about big societal topics and challenges such as global health and global development.



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