Glasgow Times reveals shocking rise in working poverty in city

A good job is no longer enough to pay the bills when living in Glasgow, the city’s daily newspaper has revealed.

In a stark front page published on December 20, the Glasgow Times shared the impact the cost-of-living crisis was having in the city.

Reporter Amanda Keenan revealed that a clothing and toy bank in Glasgow was now getting requests for help from ambulance drivers, classroom assistants, NHS staff and members of the police.

In total, 47% of those referred to the organisation were in employment, but struggling to make ends meet due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Organiser Audrey Dempsey, who runs the No1 Baby and Family Support Service, told the Times: “It’s a constant battle for people to make their money stretch, and even essential items are no longer affordable. It’s genuinely shocking to see how people are being forced to live and I dread to think what would happen if places like this didn’t exist.

“People are battling to keep a roof over their heads and when it comes to Christmas, they just don’t have anything spare. We’ve had parents coming to us in tears because their children will have nothing to open on December 25.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking, and while we do everything we can to help, we know there are still families falling through the cracks. Poverty is being inflicted on people and being employed in what people would consider as a good career still isn’t paying the bills.”




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