JEP photographer chronicles moments of hope in Ukraine war

Jersey Evening Post photographer David Ferguson travelled to the Poland/Ukraine border to witness donations from the Channel Island be distributed to refugees.

Amid the horror and hopelessness of war, David’s images also captured rare moments of relief and smiles.

Writing on the front page of the JEP, he said: “As we unloaded boxes of clothes, toys, blankets and toiletries, we were interrupted by an impromptu and mesmerising ballet performance by Lisa Venger, a European ballet champion.

“The 15-year-old, now one of thousands of refugees fleeing the bloodshed wrought by Russia’s invading forces, was a dance student at the Chemelnicky Dance Academy in Ukraine until a few weeks ago.

“It was absolutely stunning, a moment of beauty among the innumerable personal tragedies of this horrific war.”

The donations sent to the places like Mielec from Jersey had filled several lorries, helping people as they arrived from right across Ukraine in Poland.

David also witnessed coaches from Germany and Holland arrive to take refugees from Poland to those countries.

“Good news was received last Friday as more items donated by Islanders reached Kyiv. This was thanks to Ukrainian driver Vitaliii Stakbara, who have braved the long and dangerous journey to get the items where they were needed,” added David.

His photos were also used across a spread in the JEP, allowing readers to see where their donations had gone, and how they were being used.

The Ukraine war and the global response to it has made the front page of the Jersey Evening Post on a number of occasions this month.

As well as reporting on the donations being made, the title has also reported on a Jersey soldier who has travelled to Ukraine to rescue women and children stranded in the country.

They have also told the story of Russians living in Jersey who now fear to go out, while also reporting on sanctioned Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s links to the island.

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