Liverpool Echo editor urges readers: Please use your vote!

Maria Breslin

The editor of the Liverpool this morning wrote to readers urging them to cast their votes in today’s local elections.

While there are no elections in Liverpool this year — a Government review of the way the council is run has resulted in elections once every four years from now on — readers in Merseyside’s other boroughs do have the chance to vote today.

Echo editor Maria Breslin this morning emailed tens of thousands of readers subscribed to the title’s daily newsletter, urging them to make their voice heard — and to focus on local issues too.

Maria wrote: “If you do one thing today, please go out and vote. Of course, be kind, be your best self but do make sure your voices are heard at the ballots which determine the make-up of our local authorities.”

“There’s much rhetoric about our local elections being a barometer of Boris Johnson’s prime ministerial tenure and the outcome of ‘Partygate.’ But really this is about local services, local accountability and the local decisions that impact our day-to-day life.

“I won’t be voting today. Liverpool was due to hold local elections this year but everything changed with the damning Max Caller inspection report. This means we have moved to an all-out elections system with every single seat up for grabs once every four years. The first of these all out votes will take place in 2023 meaning my gripes will have to wait for another year.

“However those of you living in Wirral, Sefton, St Helens, Knowsley and Halton can have your say and can make a difference to your communities. General elections decisions can be swayed by political allegiances but local elections, most certainly, should be determined by the best and most committed person to do the job.

“Talk is cheap, voting is free, take it to the polls,” is one of my favourite election quotes. In an uncertain world with the heartbreaking war in Ukraine and the cost of living quite rightly dominating the national political agenda this is our opportunity to have a say on what matters to us in the Liverpool city region.”

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