MEN clears seven pages to share photos of just some of region’s Covid victims

The Manchester Evening News today dedicated the first seven pages of it print edition to the faces of just some of the region’s Coronavirus victims.

The front page carried 40 faces, with a total of 218 faces appearing across the first seven pages.

“Exactly a year ago today, we reported on the first Covid deaths in our region. Today, we feature 218 pictures sent to us by readers of loved ones lost since then.

“For every face you see, there are another 25 victims from Greater Manchester. RIP.”

Editor in chief Darren Thwaites said: “We’ve been running a series of articles online called Loved and Lost to allow relatives to pay tributes to the victims of this awful pandemic.

“It felt appropriate to mark the first anniversary of the first death in our region by devoting our first seven pages to nothing but the faces and names of those we’ve covered since. We also wanted to convey the enormity of the loss, recognising that for every face we pictured, there are another 25 victims who have died in Greater Manchester alone.”

In January, the MEN presented an interactive page remembering 2020’s victims of Coronavirus. More than 4,000 people in the region have died due to Covid, the website said in January.



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