Natalie Sadler steps down as editor of Ipswich Star

Natalie Sadler has announced she is leaving the post as Editor of the Ipswich Star.

In a message to her staff, she said that she had felt honoured to have had the chance to run the title and learned a lot from her time at Archant.

But she was leaving because of the pressures coming from a daily commute that had not been there during lockdown and because of her family commitments.

In an email to staff, she said: “It has been an honour and a privilege to be Editor of the Ipswich Star over the past few months, and I take a wealth of knowledge with me from this time.

“However, I have decided to step down and take a slightly different career path for the time being.

I will greatly miss journalism, and life at Archant, having worked here for a total of 16 years during the course of my career.

“The job has given me some amazing opportunities and allowed me to see the world through the eyes of so many different people.”

Natalie was appointed in May this year in a move that reintroduced two Editors to the Ipswich Star and Norwich Evening News, which Richard Porritt edits.

Announcing her departure, Jeremy Clifford, Editor in Chief of Archant, said: “Natalie had begun to make some great changes with the Star and built a team around her.

“We will be sorry to see her go but she goes with our very best wishes and heartfelt thanks for everything she has done and the extraordinary amount of work she has put in to support the Suffolk team.”

A recruitment process will start immediately for her successor.



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