New diversity resource for media will “help newsrooms reflect the communities they serve”

Society of Editors unveils new Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Hub, with resources including training, recruitment and mid-career support in industry

A new Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Hub (D&I) hosting advice, case studies and resources around diversity and inclusion in the media has been launched by the Society of Editors.

More than a year in the making, the free-to-use hub is an essential guide for everyone across the industry and has been launched with the collective aim of promoting diversity and inclusion in the news media.

Providing information and support related to training, recruitment, practical support, career progression and mentoring, the digital reference guide also highlights good practices and shares practical initiatives that are contributing towards broadening diversity across all news platforms.

Dawn Alford, Executive Director of the Society of Editors said: “For over a year, the Society has been liaising with dozens of news media organisations and outside organisations to better understand the vital work that is continuing to ensure that UK newsrooms reflect the communities that they serve.

“The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Hub is an ongoing resource that will be regularly updated and will bring together information on areas such as training, scholarships and apprenticeships, recruitment and mid-career support. The aim is for the hub to evolve and grow as news media organisations broaden their representation. I’d like to thank everyone who has given their time to advise the Society and who has contributed to this important work.”

The hub provides information on schemes that aim to proactively support women, people of colour, improve disability inclusion efforts, and highlight existing initiatives intended to develop a greater understanding of the specific experiences — and needs — of LGBTQ+ employees.

The hub will be regularly updated with further resources and aims to assist individuals at every stage in their career — from school-leavers from diverse backgrounds wanting to begin a career in journalism, to senior editors finding new ways of recruiting more widely, to mid-career journalists from diverse backgrounds seeking to progress into leadership positions.

Martin Breen, President of the Society of Editors and Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Mediahius UK said: “Our members recognise that it is essential that newsrooms reflect the diverse make-up of the audiences they seek to serve. Initiatives and important work are ongoing to improve this representation but, like all industries, there is always more that can be done.

“The hub will not only highlight what organisations are doing to better ensure representation at an entry-level but the important work that must continue to ensure talent is retained and that journalists from diverse backgrounds are supported throughout their career and involved in the decision-making process.”

Vic Motune, a board member of the Society of Editors and News Editor at the Voice: “The Diversity and Inclusion Hub is a vital resource to highlight the important schemes and initiatives that newsrooms are employing to engage diverse audiences through better representation and diverse content.

“It is important that organisations continue to build on this work and that, as the media landscape continues to change, newsrooms recognise the importance of diverse perspectives and how that diversity and inclusivity translates through content and innovation.

The Society’s work in encouraging diversity and inclusion across all sectors of the media is supported by Camelot, Meta and Google. If you have an initiative or resource for the Hub, contact the SoE on



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