Newsroom embarks on a ‘newsletter revolution’ — here’s why

A local newsroom has embarked on a newsletter revolution, launching eight new products already this year, with many more to come.

BristolLive, the online home of the Bristol Post, is aiming for every member of its news team to own and send and grow their own newsletter this year, building an audience around the topics that they care about most.

Jacqui Merrington, audience and content director for Reach in the South West, said: “Our newsroom is on a mission to get to know Bristol’s communities better. We’re listening, we’re engaging and we’re dropping the stories that matter and the stuff that will inspire people into their inbox.”

Newsletters launched so far include:

For #Bristolians who like to keep their finger on the pulse of all the latest news, there is the Bristol briefing. “It’s the cornerstone of our newsletters,” said Jacqui. “It’s carefully crafted each weekday by Louisa Streeting Ben Bloch and Oscar Dayus.”

Louisa also writes Planet Bristol, a new newsletter that’s all about climate change — what’s happening that will make a difference and how readers can make a change too.

BristolLive What’s On is three newsletters in one — Mondays for Bristol’s best, Wednesday is a 7-day city guide and on Fridays is Bristol Food Club from Aaliyah and Mark Taylor

Aaliyah and Assiah Hamed have also launched Bristol Voices, dedicated to the stories of the city’s diverse communities. The first edition was all about Bristol’s Palestine Museum, why it’s there and why the people behind it wished it wasn’t.

Bristol Buzz was born out of the love that Madeleine Bourne and Estel Farell Roig for Bristol city centre and that really comes through in their newsletter. Last week’s edition was all about the bees in the Bearpit.

“󠁮󠁧󠁿 Estel has also created and sent BristolLive’s first politics newsletter this week,” said Jacqui. “It’s the kind of politics newsletter that shows why politics matters to everyone, whether you’re interested in party politics or not.

“And one by one, we’re launching local newsletters for every part of the city. This week, Beth Cruse launched The Stokes, a love letter to the area she grew up in.”

You can sign up to read Bristol’s newsletters here:

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