Oxford Mail intervention enables public to know name of teen convicted of violent crimes

Argest Sallaj, left, was named after Judge Nigel Daly agreed with an Oxford Mail request to lift reporting restrictions

The judge who jailed a Banbury torture gang for 35 years took the unusual step of lifting reporting restrictions enabling the youngest member of the gang to be named.

It followed an application from the Oxford Mail’s Tom Seaward for the gagging order to be lifted. Judge Nigel Daly sided with the newspaper, lifting the restriction and saying that naming him would have a ‘deterrent effect’ on others tempted to commit similar crimes.

Argest Sallaj, “beat the s***” out of his victim at the request of his friends.

Sallaj, then just 16, “booted” the woman as she was on all fours on the ground having been told to clean up, also using a dish scourer on her skin and flicking cigarette ash at her during the ordeal.

Sallaj was sentenced to three years in a young offenders’ institution after being convicted of false imprisonment, ABH, common assault and battery.

Oxford Mail crime and court reporter Tom Seaward applied for reporting restrictions to be lifted.

As a 17-year-old, Sallaj was protected by reporting restrictions preventing the press or members of the public from publishing anything that might identify him as being involved in the case.

Judge Daly told the court: “I have to consider whether it is in the public interest. I have to balance the need for open reporting of crime and the welfare of the child.”

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