Political editor pays tribute to campaigning MP — and vows to get his message on cost crisis to readers

Jack Dromey

A political editor has paid tribute to an MP following his death, saying his ‘final acts were to give voice to the poorest.’

Jane Haynes, politics and people editor at BirminghamLive, told readers she had spoken to city MP Jack Dromey just a day before he died.

BirminghamLive kept readers updated as tributes flooded in to the Labour MP, a former trade union leader, following his death and at the weekend also provided extensive coverage of an event to celebrate his work in the city.

Writing shortly after his death on January 7, Jane told readers:Jack Dromey, a lifetime Labour activist, was a man who left an impression, and invariably it was a good one, even if he didn’t agree with you, or you with him.

“He was always a man on a mission — and if he took up your cause, you could be sure he would leave no stone unturned to help you reach your goal.

“He was due to meet up with activists and support workers at Spitfire Services in Castle Vale, one of the most deprived areas in his constituency, to launch a new campaign to highlight the huge impact of the cost of living crisis on local families.

“He wanted to do all he could to press home the devastating consequences of rising inflation, soaring food and fuel costs, new tax burdens and the loss of the £20 Universal Credit uplift to the poorest in his patch — an area where one in ten are unemployed, and where those in work earn an average of less than £16,000.

“It’s why he was on the phone to me on Wednesday, and messaged me again on Thursday, to press me to come along. “Hear what it’s like for some of these families, the impact on them and on kids is truly dreadful, some people have no concept of what it is like for them, you need to help me get this message out there,” he implored.

“We didn’t get to meet up — but we will get their message out, Jack. We will.”

You can read the full tribute from Jane here.

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