Prince Charles backs Hampshire Chronicle’s long term future during reporter’s first Facebook Live

Prince Charles talking to Hampshire Chronicle reporter Harvey Lindsay on his visit to Winchester

Hamphire Chronicle reporter Harvey Lindsay came face to face with Prince Charles during a Facebook live video — and got a supportive quip from the Royal himself.

The Prince visited Winchester’s Jewry Street on March 3 to officially open The Arc, formerly known as Winchester Discover Centre, as well as visit the statue of Licoricia.

His Royal Highness had originally been meant to unveil the statue of Licoricia, a prominent medieval Jewish businesswoman, on February 10 — but he had to pull out at the last moment after contracting Covid.

The rescheduled visit drew a large crowd and the Newsquest title deployed its team of three reporters to cover the event.

Toby Oliver was collating the live blog, while Frankie Rudland was as close as possible to the action with the VIPs, and Harvey was stationed among the crowd to speak to people who were gathered on the street.

Prince Charles unveiling the statue of Licoricia in Winchester

Harvey, who has been a reporter at the Hampshire Chronicle since July, was also operating the title’s Facebook Live video, broadcasting to the Hampshire Chronicle’s page.

It was the first time Harvey had broadcast live on Facebook, but he struck gold when he managed to get close to Prince Charles as he spoke to the crowd.

Harvey said: “I went to Jewry Street and started my recording at 11am, where I started speaking to as many people as I could. Being my first Facebook Live, I made sure to keep the video as engaging as possible to increase our watch views.

“At first, many attendees were rude and didn’t want to talk to the camera, which knocked my confidence just a little bit.

“One woman asked me to move because my live video was capturing her conversation — so I did. Then I was told by a very unfriendly man that I should move because he had been queuing since 8am and I was too close to him.

“I kept on trying and finally found friendly faces that welcomed a conversation. Around 20 minutes later, two Range Rovers and a Jaguar sped past with Prince Charles in the back. I zoomed in and let the Facebook Live run for as long as I possibly could whilst trying to keep my hand still for the viewers.

“He immediately got out of his dark blue Jaguar XF and walked towards the crowed to shake hands, greet the residents of Winchester and accept a bunch of daffodils, which the elderly lady in front of me kindly put in his hand.

“As he carried on greeting the line of people, I followed in his direction to make sure the viewers could still get a glimpse of him on our live video.

“Confidence grew and a strong urge to shout ‘Prince Charles, my name’s Harvey Lindsay and I’m a reporter for the Hampshire Chronicle’ came over me.

“There’s always one,” Prince Charles joked. Then, referring to the Hampshire Chronicle, he said: “And I hope it keeps going!”

Harvey’s double front pages — plus his meeting with Prince Charles made it his “hattrick”

“I had been receiving text messages acting as an earpiece from my editor, Kimberley Barber, which was a huge help and allowed me to give a lot more context into the information I was giving our viewers.

“When Prince Charles spoke to me, she text me ‘YES!!!’. It was a great moment and I certainly won’t forget getting so close to our future king.

“Overall, the morning was a huge success and I loved being part of the Hampshire Chronicle team who were extremely organised in providing our readers the best coverage of the event. It was great.”

Editor Kimberley praised all the team especially Harvey’s dogged determination.

She said: “It was great to be able to share such great moments live on Facebook. Harvey was right in amongst the crowd. It made for excellent viewing, and really made you feel part of the event.

“That day Harvey had also landed our front page with his coverage of a vigil that took place for Ukraine in Winchester, and also the front page of the neighbouring daily the Southern Daily Echo with his interview with a Ukrainian couple — so to get a comment from Prince Charles too really was a hattrick.”

You can watch the story of Prince Charles’ visit to Winchester here

And rewatch the Facebok Live here

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