Public Interest News Journalists: 1: Lori Little, Isle of Wight County Press

All week on Behind Local News, we’re celebrating the journalists our readers think stand out for their public interest journalism. Today, Lori Little, of the Isle of Wight County Press

Lori Little, content editor at the Isle of Wight County Press, was described by those who nominated her as one of the most hardworking journalists on the Isle of Wight — as comfortable as covering court as she is reporting on local plays.

At the heart of what Lori does is a determination to make sure people’s voices are heard but then also challenge those in authority when it matters.

One nomination read: “From speaking to the victim, to residents in the village and then following the process through the court procedure, Lori has been fighting for the small people against a very severe organisation, despite the backlash she has faced from those in the hunting community.”

That’s far from the only example, however: “She’s covered everything from court cases to local shows and reviews of local plays.

“Through her stories, Lori has been able to hold organisations to account and get apologies for residents.

“She cares about the paper and the people of the Isle of Wight and has a real passion for what she does.”

Another nomination said: “A tireless workhorse who is always willing to help others and has the patience of a Saint.

“I admire her greatly and see her as a mentor figure.

Lori not only reacts to news, but is also proactive in finding and researching it. Nobody works harder.

“Lori is always incredibly conscious of reporting fairly and accurately. She never stops trying to improve and her numbers show that.

“With her producing around 150 articles per month, I can’t pinpoint one, she’s simply been a constant source of journalism par excellence at the Isle of Wight County Press.”



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