bePublic Interest News Journalists: 33: Louise Lazell, EssexLive

Louise has an eye for telling the stories behind the facts. Her stories showcase her great interview skills as the words bring to life the emotions and journeys of her he people she’s speaking to.

Although a general news reporter who writes a wide range of content, Louise really shines when writing public interest stories. Her journalism can really make waves, which was particularly evident in her piece about refugees.

This story had a huge impact. The initial tweet from Nigel Farage had been shared far and wide but Louise was keen to get the true story.

Rather than sitting behind a desk trying to get the facts, Louise went out to the hotel and got the real story. The story of how real people were impacted. In the age of “fake news” and misinformation and hate spreading fast on social media, the impact of this story was huge.

People saw Nigel Farage’s initial tweet and jumped to their own conclusion but this story offered balance, it showed how it had impacted a business, the real reason behind the refugees behind housed there and also the reason why they had been removed.

It challenged the way people think and showed that you should never just accept something without knowing more.




The stories behind the stories, from the regional press in the UK

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