Regional papers splash on simple message: Stay home

Regional newspapers splashed their Good Friday editions with a simple message yesterday: Please stay at home.

The Government on Thursday urged people to stick to the lockdown rules, and insisted transmission of Coronavirus would only be stopped if people stuck to the rules.

The Liverpool Echo — very rarely on the same page of a Government which is seen in the city to have consistently let down its residents year after year — struck perhaps the strongest tone, with a leader written by editor Alastair Machray.

He wrote: “If we stay in, if we keep our distance, we will take a huge step towards victory.

“If we act like selfish halfwits then it’s back to square one, do not pass go, kill a few hundred more.

“If you think you’ll just stretch the rules a little to make your life easier then you’re not fit to be called a son or daughter of this amazing City Region. A City Region that, in its long, proud history, has NEVER never given in and NEVER been beaten.”

The Echo also printed appeals from 50 NHS workers asking people to stay indoors.

Up the M62 in Manchester, the Evening News struck a similar tone, after police in the area said they had been called to 500 house parties last week.

On the front page, the paper said: “We can’t afford a repeat of this behaviour. This is the biggest challenge our country has faced since the Second World War.

“Don’t let down the nurses, doctors and care workers on the frontline. Don’t let down Greater Manchester.”

The Birmingham Mail wished readers a ‘happy Easter’ before telling them ‘stay at home’ accompanied with an image of a enforcement officer in the city centre wearing a mask.

The Blackpool Gazette appealed for people to ‘stay away’ while the Leicester Mercury asked for people to ‘just stay at home’.

In Ipswich, readers were warned sunbathers in public places would be approached by police, while in Dorset, the Echo rejoiced in the news that Airbnb had withdrawn some UK properties from its service:



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