So we had this really great idea. And it snowballed (Behind Local News, May 30)

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The Behind Local News conference in Wolverhampton

This time last week, 100 journalists from around the regional press were taking part in our first local journalism conference.

It was a busy day, as anyone who saw the liveblog from the day will know. Rather than then just do a summary write-up, we thought we’d try and pack as much of what was said at the conference into articles on the site — we had over 20 speakers, all of whom has fascinating insights and ideas which deserve the widest possible audience.

Just one problem: It takes a long time to transcribe eight hours of journalistic discussion, even with the use of cool tools like Trint to help speed up the process.

So, a week on, we’ve far from having articles from all the session on Behind Local News, but we do have an awful lot of great stories from the conference, which have been prompting conversation in lots of places.

So here’s what we’re published this week:

  1. Keith Harrison: Why the doom-mongers need to start showing newsrooms some respect
  2. Can hyperlocals and regional newsrooms work together?
  3. One journalist’s reasons for starting a hyperlocal site — and forging new relationships
  4. Why wordsmiths matter more than ever in digital journalism
  5. Why it’s time to think beyond page views if you want to keep growing
  6. What’s next for social media in newsrooms?
  7. Making politics interesting on social media
  8. 6 ways metrics have helped transform Birmingham Live (and the other way round, too)
  9. Reach, engagement, recirculation: How BBC England’s digital team look at stories
  10. Surviving Facebook’s change of heart
  11. A journalist’s journey from words to numbers (or why weather stories matter)
  12. How one newsroom is making business content work online
  13. Making the most of Twitter as a football journalist

We’ll post more updates during the week — and we have an exciting set of stories coming up this weekend, celebrating the winners from the recent Regional Press Awards.

Thanks, as ever, for reading

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The stories behind the stories, from the regional press in the UK

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Behind Local News UK

The stories behind the stories, from the regional press in the UK

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