Summer of stories: Knowing your area is still the most important skill

Behind Local News
Aug 5 · 2 min read

Elaine Hammond has worked in local journalism for 35 years and is currently the communities champion at the Worthing Herald. Here, Elaine celebrates the importance of knowing your patch — and how that translates into digital success too.

Elaine Hammond

What was this story about?

A popular underpass, a vital through-route for pedestrians, finally re-opening after having been closed off for more than a year.

How did you find out about this story?

I saw it.

Can you tell us about what work went on prior to publication?

I knew the background so I could act immediately. I took pictures and had the story online in minutes.

What was the reaction after publication?

Instant responses on Facebook, much excitement all round and huge hits on

Why will you remember this story?

Because it was true local journalism in action, something we may never have been told about, but knowing it is open again will make a world of difference to a lot of people.

Did this story tell you anything about local journalism? If so, what?

Know your patch — it is still the most important element of local journalism.

Is there any advice you could give a would-be journalist based on this story?

Get to know people in the area, keep your eyes peeled and always carry your phone so you can publish a story wherever you are.

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The stories behind the stories, from the regional press in the UK

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Behind Local News UK

The stories behind the stories, from the regional press in the UK

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