Teen murderers named after Bournemouth Echo wins reporting restrictions removal application

Jack James Hindley, upper left, and Samuel Roy Jones, bottom right, have been jailed for the murder of Edward Reeve, centre

The Bournemouth Daily Echo has ensured the identities of two boys who stabbed a man to death could be made public.

The Bournemouth Echo was able to reveal the identities of 17-year-old killers Jack James Hindley and Samuel Roy Jones after they were convicted of Edward Reeve’s murder, following an application to lift reporting restrictions by the Echo

The duo had been granted anonymity under Section 45 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 when they first appeared in court in January.

The defendants left Mr Reeve bleeding to death in his home in Heath Road Walkford on New Year’s Eve last year.

Trial and sentencing judge, the Honourable Mr Justice Sweeney, read and heard submissions from the Daily Echo and defence counsel following the jury’s verdicts back in July and this week at Winchester Crown Court.

The judge’s response read: “It is submitted that the current Order has not imposed a substantial and unreasonable restriction on the reporting of the proceedings, which have been comprehensively covered in detail by the local media, including by live tweeting.

“It is further submitted that the publishing of the defendants’ names will have no further deterrent effect as the story of the dangers of drugs and knives has been, and can be, told in full without naming them.

“This is a case in which, against the background of the public interest in the open reporting of criminal proceedings, it is very strongly in the public interest that such conduct be deterred, which can best be achieved by full reporting at the time of sentence.

“Accordingly, in my view, there is now significantly greater weight in the public interest in open justice and unrestricted reporting than in the interest of these defendants.”

Echo chief reporter Jason Lewis told Holdthefrontpage: “We were confident we had produced a strong submission, referencing a number of relevant cases, showing it was in the public interest for these two teenage defendants to be named. However, we were aware that defence counsel would challenge our application and it would be for the judge to make a decision on the matter.”



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