The opportunities kept coming after becoming a journalism apprentice

Jody Doherty-Cove is a Digital Optimisation Editor at Newsquest. He regularly made headline in the industry with his agenda-setting exclusives while working on the Brighton Argus. It all began with a pint, and the chance to be an apprentice…

My journey as an apprentice began when I met an Argus editor in a pub. It’s been three-and-a-half years since that fateful Kronenberg, and I’ve helped reveal our police force had been keeping quiet over the dismissals of officers, saved some of Brighton and Hove’s historic architecture by uncovering and confronting a rogue seller on Facebook, and quizzed the Health Secretary on live TV watched by millions.


I had worked in local news for several years in the city; starting in local television before launching a news video company with a friend. However, as most people from Brighton can attest, The Argus is the epitome of local journalism in the city, so it was a dream-come-true when I was offered the opportunity to work at the paper as an apprentice.

Although I knew how sniff out a good story, I had no idea how to write for newspapers. With relentless patience, the Argus editors would go through my copy line-by-line to teach me the tricks of the trade. This effort combined with the brilliant tutoring of Highbury College helped me develop into a reporter capable of delivering interesting and informative news to the communities in Brighton and beyond.

Being a local journalism apprentice

Newsquest — and The Argus’s esteemed editor Arron Hendy in particular — provided me with an abundance of opportunities at this early stage of my career. A personal highlight was covering the coronavirus crisis and investigations into issues impacting the community amassing national attention while reporting on the COVID-19 “superspreader” and uncovering the unfolding tragedy within care homes — confronting the Health Secretary on latter during the national press conference.

I was delighted to be named Newsquest Apprentice of the Year in 2019, shortlisted for the NCTJ’s equivalent this year, and be chosen as a contender for the Society of Editor’s Young Journalist award.

It was with a heavy heart that I left the Argus late last year to take an exciting role in Newquest’s central digital team. However, I’m immensely proud to say I’m now working with some of the most immensely talented people in the industry and although no longer an apprentice, my learning continues every day.



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