Wirral Globe urges readers to help secure justice for murdered woman

A weekly newspaper has demanded justice for a woman shot dead on Christmas Eve.

The Wirral Globe returned to print after the Christmas break and splashed on the murder of Elle Edwards, who died after a shooting at a pub on the Wirral.

Editor Andrew Kilmurray said: “Our team across Merseyside spent much of the Christmas period reporting on the shocking murder of beautiful Elle Edwards in Wallasey, reflecting on the devastation felt by the community and her family.

“The police’s hunt for the gunman who shot Elle, who was not the intended target of the attack, goes on.

“This week’s Wirral Globe front page, our first print edition since the murder, makes a plea for an end to the shootings that we’ve seen over the past year and urges people to come forward with information that will help detectives.”



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