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Andrew Mahood
Jul 20, 2017 · 3 min read

As Taskfeed grows, it is critical that we continue to deliver the same high-quality, high-touch service which has been the foundation of our Customer Success. Since Shaun joined the team as COO in January, the customer growth we are experiencing is far beyond what was forecast and continues to increase. This growth, coupled with the pipeline of product enhancements derived from our incredible community of Taskfeed users indicated that it was the right time to hire our first dedicated Customer Success role.

Jessica Graham-Morris has joined Taskfeed

We are delighted to announce that Jessica Graham-Morris has joined to improve our customer-facing resources to ensure our customers have the documentation, training and on-demand support they need to create successful outcomes for their business using our product.

During an early conversation with Jess, she made a statement which captured my vision of what I wanted for Taskfeed customers.

Jess said, “My passion has always been to understand a process and describe it to others in a clear and straightforward manner so that they can be effective in their job.”

We want to ensure that our customers continue to be at the core of our focus and when I learned of Jess’ background in the hospitality industry, where high-pressure and quality-control go hand-in-hand, I knew that Taskfeed could benefit from her perspective. Over a period of 15 years, Jess has worked across three continents in very varied environments. From Rio De Janeiro’s top hotel to catering for five thousand diners in Florida’s leading convention centers, and in the UK as a chef at River Cottage in Bristol, which pioneered the “farm-to-table” use of high-quality local produce.

Taskfeed’s global customers will further benefit from Jessica’s ability to communicate as she speaks four languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English).

Jess has had an amazing journey building her career in the Salesforce ecosystem. Since becoming involved with the Salesforce ecosystem in 2014, Jess has developed her technical and product knowledge and is a Salesforce Certified Administrator and a Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder.

“In my personal experience, coming from a non-technical background but knowing what I wanted to achieve for a business task, I needed to find information quickly, presented in a clear format which matched the level of detail I required at that moment. Being aware of features through videos was perfect to get started and discover what was possible. When I needed hands-on learning, I found Salesforce Trailhead was simply superb in its structure and clarity. I have been so impressed by the quality of the resources that are available within the Salesforce ecosystem, and that is why I’m so excited to be joining Taskfeed to expand our portfolio of videos, training and technical documents so that our users are guaranteed the same excellent experience. Most of all I can’t wait to be collaborating with Taskfeed users, guiding them through their first steps with our product and learning how they work so that we can shape Taskfeed to their needs.”

The Taskfeed team is growing steadily, and we want to take this opportunity to welcome Jess to it.

Learn how Taskfeed helps Customer Onboarding teams delight their customers every time with repeatable onboarding plans you can share with the customer.

Behind Taskfeed

Stories and thoughts about designing and building Taskfeed

Thanks to Jessica Graham-Morris

Andrew Mahood

Written by

Founder of Taskfeed. Customer Onboarding Project Management for Salesforce.

Behind Taskfeed

Stories and thoughts about designing and building Taskfeed

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