What is the goal of B2B SaaS Customer Onboarding?

Andrew Mahood
Aug 21, 2017 · 2 min read

Enterprise B2B SaaS companies often follow a medium to high-touch customer onboarding process. For most the sole objective is getting the customer up and running with the product. We believe there should be more to it than this, we must not just help the customer be functionally set-up, we should ensure the customer is successful. After all, a subscription-based mindset, our success is directly oriented to our customers’ success.

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In a subscription-based mindset, our success is directly oriented to our customers’ success.

Retention is essential for any subscription business. You must orient your behaviors to improve retention. We believe that a robust and scalable onboarding process is at the heart of a sound customer retention strategy.

If you agree that customers do not decide to churn overnight then it’s obvious that you have an opportunity to influence retention early on. In fact experience shows the earlier you act the more influence you have.

Customer Onboarding is a critical stage of the buyer journey. This is where the customer first starts seeing value – up until this stage value may only have been evidenced through a demo or proof of concept whereas now the customer can see in their own environment what the solution will look like. The more you can do to ensure your customer is self-identifying value and on their way to achieving their desired outcome the more influence you have on the customer attaining their desired outcome.

Customer onboarding is not just about implementing your product. The outcome should be to help your newly-acquired customer achieve what they sought out. Do not forget that your customer came to you with a problem. You convinced them you would solve it. Customer Onboarding is when you start this process. If you can do this then retention is almost inevitable.

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Andy is the Founder of Taskfeed. a project management tool built on Salesforce designed for B2B SaaS companies, like yours, to deliver a consistently great onboarding experience for your customers. See how we have built our product around these ideas.

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