Jasper Jones: An Illustrated Guide

Everything you need to know about our upcoming production of Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones — In Context:

Australian Gothic taps into the very uniquely white Australian problem of being a stranger in one’s own land. White Australia has the psychic history of walking onto occupied land and claiming it, generating a feeling of great unease in our relationship with the physical earth in this country, and a strange unease with our identity as inheritors of European culture and displacers of Aboriginal heritage.

Australian Gothic looks a little something like this.

The Story:

The Writer:

Craig Silvey: Illustrated

In trying to bring something different to the genre, or the idea, of the coming-of-age story, I wanted to examine what it really meant to grow up and how that might apply more broadly. For me, coming of age isn’t learning to be an adult and being more responsible and ticking the boxes of maturity. For me, coming of age is bursting the bubble of childhood and learning and really questioning your place in the world.

The Director:

The Cast:

In short:

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