…What if

captivated, mesmerized, hypnotized

robin ellen lucas
Mar 18, 2014 · 1 min read

Originally posted on mysecretinnuendo.com

You love the fire. You are it, moving quickly, emulating its spark. Your miles to go in your mind, before calmed, drive you. Transfixed on you I am.

Be you, be the you I have known. Smile at me until I melt into something else. You are beyond getting my attention. You make me know why I’m alive.

And now I’m on fire because when I first saw you, recently and not, I fell in love with you. All I knew from before, relived in a moment, rejoined with all that we created then, to be continued later. You smiled when you knew I loved you then. You knew. You know now.

Behind your secret eyes

Express how it is to be a writer, where your inner poet comes from, your beautiful stories, your creative thought process, your poetry, all begging to be heard. Words from the heart, brain, body and spirit. What lives secretly inside you? — Managed by mysecretinnuendo.com

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