“I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor.“— Gandalf, Lord of The Rings.

Limbo Dev Update part 2 of 2: Pyrotokens

The cause for deflation

Inflation doesn’t just undermine our savings; it warps our culture.

Inflation doesn’t just affect our policies; it dominates our politics.

Structure of this article

AMMs revisted

k_after > k_before
K=100x25 = 2500
125xA = 2500
=> A = 20
124.75xA =2500
=>A = 20.04008016
K=125*20.4 = 2550

Scarcity is tokenized K

Price tilting and Automining

Free lunch

Pyrotokens defined

The price of a Pyrotoken relative to its base token can never fall but can only rise.

Automining and average value bonded (AVB)

Recursive Automining

SCX/EYE LP on Behodler implies $8000 of locked SCX
SCX;PyroSCX/EYE implies $8000 of SCX and $4000 of SCX = $12000
EYE;PyroSCX/EYE implies $4000 of SCX
Total = $24000 of locked SCX

Yield honeypot for startups

Flan, PyroFlan and SCX

Pyrotoken Yield Tree

# Stacking Recipe
1. List token on Limbo for migration
2. Once migrated, create Pyrotoken
3. Create LP token of Pyrotoken paired with either SCX/FLAN/EYE
4. Take LP token and return to step 1
Figure 1. Pyrotoken Yield Weave

The effect of Behodler on a Pyrotoken Weave

The Limbo Effect




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