Filling up and Run

It was a beautiful day. Rudolf the Rabbit was eager to get out of the house to play. Mother told Rudolf not to wander into the forbidden woods as it may be dangerous but Rudolf did not pay attention to her advice.

Soon Rudolf crossed the hang-bridge and wandered into the dense woods on the hills. While Rudolf was merry-making, Sally the Serpent spotted him.

“I’m hungry and I will eat this little rabbit for lunch… yummy!” In lightning speed, Sally dashed towards Rudolf.

“Hey little friend, I’m very hungry and I will eat your up.” said Sally.

In his quick wit, Rudolf replied, “please don’t eat me up because I have something more delicious for you!” So Rudolf took the colourful wild berries he picked up in the woods and gave all of them to Sally. Sally loved the berries but did not realise they could make her drowsy.

Soon, Sally was very full and fell into a deep sleep.

Rudolf seized the opportunity and ran back home. He told his mother about the story and was chided for being disobedient. Rudolf promised not to disobey his mother again.

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