Losing to Gain

There is no dichotomy in the Christian philosophy of losing to gain. It has been mentioned many times by scholars even in the Scriptures and perhaps the one of the best embodiment of this concept is through the verse — “… whoever loses their life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 10:39)

A long drawn court case involving the church being prosecuted for misappropriating funds continue to spark controversy in this small island country state. Long story short, it’s about a church using members tithes to fund a “secular” evangelistic project. The glaring points are that the pastor who took centrestage lived in a multi-million bungalow in the priciest district of the country and the funds went to fund his wife’s singing career in Hollywood which in fact is a mega flop.

This intention of this article is not to pronounce any judgement but to contrast the approach of modern day evangelism to that of the apostolic days where faithful disciples simply relied on — a passionate heart and a pair of sandals. I would assume the counter argument on flashy set-ups in church and sophisticated evangelism programs to be equally lifted from a parallel from the Scripture: Solomon’s heart to honour God with the best. I believe however while both tracks seem to converge in terms of the heart, there exists a tiny insidious nuance that could totally skew the outcome — the reference to a type of success defined by ourselves.

I believe evangelism starts from within. If we miss the alignment to the True North of our lives then whatever we do we would try very hard to justify. In contrast the opposite can be equally if not more powerful — that when we are aligned with God’s purpose the loss of our own will can often lead to real gains to the world.

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