Sharing the Gifts

Tom the Turtle was hungry and had gone to the stream by the forest to hunt for a fish for breakfast. He was too slow however and could not catch any fish.

Randy the Rodent had a good catch — four fishes! He laughed at Tom and didn’t bother to share any of his fishes.

It was noon and Tom still had not caught anything. A gust of wind brought danger — Henry the Hawk was seen circling just above them looking for food. With a “skoosh” he scooped down from the sky trying to catch Randy with his sharp claws but he missed.

Tom saw the danger and offered Randy to hide in his shell. Henry scooped a second time but he could neither pick up Tom’s shell as it was too heavy nor could he grab the shell because it was hard and smooth. After a while Henry gave up and left them alone.

Randy was ashamed of himself and grateful to Tom for saving him. He gave all his fishes to Tom. Tom took just two fishes and when they found a safe place in the forest, they set up a fire and had barbecue fish together.

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