3D Jobs

The part of city I live in has many high rise apartments, office buildings of which 85% are vacant, and the remaining are under construction. It is a growing city. Most of the billboards are about these buildings waiting to be occupied all over the city.

picture from google images

I observe the buildings during construction phase have these huge grid or mesh like structure built along the sides of the building. Something like the picture on the left. It is mostly for workers to reach the sides for painting , fixing panels etc. Yesterday I saw people working on one of these sites without any safety harness. Even with protection it looks dangerous to work from such a height.

Similarly I have seen other technicians working on huge electricity transmission tower called pylon. Even though with safety measures, working at such a height, on high voltage electrical lines seems like a nightmare to me. There are other jobs like cleaning the glass panels of high rise office buildings etc.These jobs might be necessary but are definitely dangerous.

If you have guessed already, I’m talking about the various jobs that are either

  • Dangerous
  • Dirty
  • Dull

The 3D jobs.

I recently read that two municipal workers died due to asphyxiation. I didn’t event know that a word like that existed before. I learnt it is death due to deprivation of oxygen. One was working in drainage line in the city and the other guy tried to save him. Both of them lost their dear lives while performing their duty.

There are many more Dirty and Dangerous jobs like manual scavenging, separating wet and dry garbage etc. I feel guilty to see other slogging in dirty and dangerous situations. Most of them, I’m sure won’t have insurance as well.

Of course there are the Dull jobs like taking and fetching shoes in temples [1] , collecting that 1 coin at public toilets, sitting in a roadside store, Operating elevators. So many of them which require 0.0001% of human intellect.

I feel, it is time to automate or offload these 3D jobs to machines. Why?

Now machines can see , read, understand better than before. Amazon, Microsoft ,Google and many companies have been working on these machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Science package has free libraries for computer vision. Now computer can detect faces, read hand written slips, understand facial expressions, identify objects in an image. I’m sure the technology is already available for constrained movement of robots in a specific environment[2].

I’m all excited to see how many of these 3D jobs have robots in near future.


[1] I visited ISKCON temple in Bangalore in 2005 after 12 years I can still find the shoe collection center using same operational process. Of course it has got more shoe slots now. Such a waste of human energy. Although I don’t demean the job. We can use the resources for other meaningful purpose. One factor is cost and easy availability of technology. Both are interdependent.

[2] A robot can cover a certain area, by moving across the X axis Y axis and Z axis and this can be programmed easily. Most of the 3d printers work on this principle. Now imagine a buildings side wall is just an XY plane. A shoe rack is just an XY plane. Bots can easily reach much faster to any length.

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