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Hello body, Hello Self. Pleased to Meet You!

Healing from chronic fatigue by coming home to embodied presence after a lifetime of absence.

hand touching water
Photo by Phinehas Adams on Unsplash

Most mindfulness teaches meditation from the neck up.

Without the numbing mask of alcohol, I started to really notice my state of body-mind, and it wasn’t pretty.

From mindfulness to bodyfulness.

For deep transformation to occur we need to shift down from our heads, into our bodies and through our bodies into the very centre of Life itself. It’s a shift into bodyfulness, one of coming fully back online into a lived, felt experience of vibrant enlivenment.

Subtle Energy Meditation.

Tuning in and Letting Go.

Returning home to Self, and helping others do the same.



We started Earthbound to facilitate and support deep transformation in people and to create a community that feels like a hearth, a place to Be, to rest as our authentic Selves.

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Dan McTiernan

Transpersonal psychology coach, embodied meditation teacher and permaculture homesteader learning and sharing human skills.