Can You Believe My Clock Was Subjected To Racism?!

It’s a shame my grass and my fence were too!

My precious grandfather clock the “Black Raven” — Photo Credit: Arnita M. Williams

I know this doesn’t sound credible. But, yes, it is true. It’s also sinful, shameful, downright outlandish, and foolish.

It’s sinful because, God commands us to “love our neighbor…,” but instead, hate is demonstrated.

It’s shameful, when we shun another human being and/or anything associated with them…all humans are created in God’s image.

It’s outlandish, when a bizarre act is performed against an object…really weird.

It’s so foolish, when unwise judgement and lack of good sense are imposed…just totally inconsiderate…absurd!

Now, I’ll tell you how it all went down, and how the clock, the fence, and the lawn were involved in blatant racism:

First, I’ll share that I live in a neighborhood that “White society” says I have no place.

But, hey, my money is green just like theirs.

The difference in my green dollar and theirs, is the fact that theirs goes farther, since I have to pay more for some of the same products and services, because I’m a person of color (POC).

Despite the additional cost, although unfair, my green dollar has afforded me the luxury to reside, as of today, 21 years, and two months in the same community, in the same home, “they” have constantly implied over the years, that I have no place.

This brings me to the additional petty bias, racism, and discrimination, to which I’ve been subjected, for living comfortably (as “they” do), as my green dollar has afforded me, which I rightly deserve.

My backyard — Photo Credit: Arnita M. Williams

So, after several years of doing my own lawn maintenance, it became too much. I began my search for someone to mow my lawn.

My neighbor on the southside of me, had some lawncare guys who were doing a nice job on her lawn.

So, instead of approaching the lawncare guys directly, while they were maintaining my neighbor’s yard, I called the company.

I told them where I lived, and they said yes, they were taking new customers in my community.

Well, later, I was contacted and was told that they couldn’t take anymore customers.

In all honesty, I assumed that they didn’t want to cut my grass — they were all White.

My first thought was that they didn’t want to have the appearance of being in ‘reverse slavery’, although I would be paying them — they didn’t want to be caught working for a Black person.

The second issue:

I saw a guy installing a privacy fence in my community, and I got the company’s contact info from the side panel of the company truck.

I called for someone to come out and give me a quote.

The contractor arrived and gave me a quote. He also told me he needed to see my surveyor’s blueprint before he could quote me a price.

I reached out the following day with the surveyor’s blueprint to my property. I called, texted, and emailed the contractor for a couple of days — no response— he ghosted me! —he was also White.

At that point, I became very selective in what contractors I called going forward.

The thought ran through my mind to ask the next contractor “do you service Black people?” But, I didn’t act on it — I shouldn’t have to ask that type of pointed question.

As time passed, I began searching for Black-owned businesses, which I should have been supporting initially.

The clock…

In April 2021, I had most of my interior rooms professionally painted. But, prior to the start of the project, I had to remove everything from, and away from the walls, which included my grandfather clock.

The clock is my treasured possession, which I purchased new in 1999.

The clock shop from which I purchased my clock is the only place I have always allowed over the years to move my clock.

So, I called the clock shop to schedule to have my clock moved, cleaned, checked, and have minor repairs completed.

The clock shop had outsourced all of its clock maintenance to the guy who had been servicing their clocks for several years. I called him. He came out and moved my clock.

He said call him when I was ready to have the clock moved back in its place, after the painting has been completed.

Well, once the painting was done, I texted the clock contractor — no response after two days.

I called and left a message to no avail. And, finally, after about four days from my initial call, the contractor texted me and said he would call me back to schedule a time to come back — I NEVER heard from him again — he was White — he ghosted me.

The guy came out on the initial call, because he didn’t expect me (a Black person) to reside in my particular community, nor did he expect that a Black person would own such a clock.

So, my clock sat in the center of my great room until I found another way to have it moved back into its place.

Racism is beyond being ignorant. Because now, I’m beginning to realize that it is deliberate, since those who could be the change refuse to learn and become woke about the history of racism, systemic racism, discrimination, and how to stop it.

But the irony is — those who can be the change, still blatantly practice it, which is sinful, shameful, outlandish, and foolish — and I must add, it’s total ignorance, and inexcusable, because they continue to perpetuate it for more absurd reasons than one.

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