Millennials, STOP trying to pick a fight with baby boomers and get-on with leading this country!

Photo Credit: Arnita M. Williams

Millennials need to STOP playing the ‘blame game.’ STOP looking backward and move forward!

Periodically, I see posts online about what boomers did or didn’t do, which millennials claim is the reason for their poor financial condition, and many other claims.

To add to the pettiness, millennials are posting photos of boomers in outdated clothing, which are old photos they’ve pulled from somewhere online, to make it appear as if baby boomers are still wearing such items — some may be; but is it really important for millennials call them out?

To add insult-to-injury, millennials have dredged up old photos of the interior of homes that look dark, dank, outdated, and grim-looking — with the swag drapes with tassels.

Photo Credit: Arnita M. Williams

Millennials have gone as far as picking on what rugs and fuzzy toilet seat covers baby boomers have in their bathrooms! That’s ridiculous!

And, one more thing — millennials have even complained that boomers (over)use lots of ellipses when they write — if it’s not knit-picking…?

Ellipses indicate that the thought or sentence is incomplete — it wasn’t written in totality — or there’s more to say/write.

In defense of baby boomers, many don’t appear as they’re depicted by millennials.

Find better things to do! Find more creative and positive content to post online.

Post content that will encourage, inspire, uplift, inform, educate, and enhance quality-of-life, instead of picking on boomers.

Boomers are not appearing the same as what their parents and grandparents looked like, when they were in their late 50s and beyond.

Photo Credit: Arnita M. Williams

Baby boomers are living longer. They’re wiser, healthier, and more knowledgeable than their parents were at the same age.

Plus, boomers have technology, which millennials claim boomers are clueless of, and, to which, they’re slow to catch-on.

Boomers have also been hit with ageism in the workforce, which unfortunately for them, has been difficult to prove.

However, when COVID-19 hit in 2020, millions of baby boomers ‘jumped ship’ by leaving the workforce and took early or semi-retirement, pledging never to return.

After it was determined that The Great Resignation numbers didn’t add-up, the stimulus and unemployment funds in some states were prematurely cut-off and/or denied.

It took the country a year to figure out why there had been a perpetual worker shortage.

The “ah-ha moment” came when the country figured-out that baby boomers left a gaping hole in the workforce.

But as my mom use to say: “You don’t miss your water ’til your well runs dry.”

But millennials, no matter how negatively you speak towards boomers, we have contributed in many ways for the greater-good of America.

Photo Credit: Arnita M. Williams

Yes, I’m one of those baby boomers too!

So, I admonish you to STOP trying to pick a fight with us.

STOP blaming us for everything, specifically, your shortcomings.

And, STOP looking backward and move forward.

Just get-on with leading this country, which seems to be going to hell in a handbasket.

And, by-the-way, the photos in this post are of me and my home, which neither appears the way YOU [millennials] portray baby boomers.

…just sayin’.



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