Everybody Wants to Write — Is it Pandemic-Panic?

How to discover your true gifts and talents

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

News reports and stats have confirmed that throngs of individuals across generations that include Baby Boomers, Generation X, Xennials, Millennials (Generation Y, Gen Next), and iGen / Gen Z who have joined The Great Resignation.

After the pandemic lockdown restriction was lifted, some workers decided not to return to the office for various reasons.

Fear and panic due to COVID-19, lack of childcare and the inability to afford it have been serious pain points. Low, non-living wages have also been at the top of the list.

They have also been quitting their jobs to become travel nomads. Many have joined the FIRE movement.

Some boomers just decided to throw in the towel and retire early, which has left a gaping hole in the workforce.

Some have found it more important to be closer to family, and have elected to stay at home and write for a living.

But, I’m wondering if those who’ve opted to write are passionate about it? Or, is it for convenience and luxury — or perhaps, just the idea and comfort of working-from-home?

Individuals who aspire to write for a living within the comfortable confines of their homes, again, I’m wondering is that really what they want to do?

Or, are they trying to make it work?

Have they thought about what they’re really destined to do? Those gifts they innately possess; the ones that came with them as a [package deal] at birth?

And, what about those talents they’ve acquired; those which they’ve learned and picked-up, just as quick and as easily as a magnet picks-up metal?

Have they seriously pondered those questions, and dove deep within to assess their true gifts and talents?

Perhaps, they have a burning desire to work from home (WFH). But, they know deep inside, writing is really is NOT the ticket to do so.

*Every human being on this earth has gifts and talents. If a person has not given any thought to theirs, it would behoove them to begin to search deep within to make that self-discovery.

Once they discover the things that come naturally, and the things they do well, they should take the next step and seriously think about the items on their short list that infatuate them.

At this point, they’re at the brainstorming stage. They should keep a journal at their bedside, in their purse, pocket, book bag, etc., and jot down ideas that come to mind, which relate to their passion.

This is something I don’t recommend. But, while in their car, they could have their phone voice recorder activated, incase they have an idea while driving.

As they brainstorm, they should continue to narrow their list to what they can envision as a career they can **freelance from home.

No matter what generation, they all must be creative with their gifts and talents. They must consider how they can use them to WFH, and market and monetize their natural abilities.

WARNING: If writing isn’t one’s true passion, and they’ve settled for it, because it’s convenient, comfortable, and allows them to work from home and make money doing so, they’re in for a huge disappointment.

It will not be fun. It will become just as dreaded as going into the office. They will end-up searching employers’ job boards, competing with hundreds of others for the same job. Their pay will be low. They will lack motivation.

Writing is hard, and a writer must keep learning. If writing is attempted for the wrong reasons, burnout is guaranteed.

It behooves one to soul-search their gift(s) and talent(s). Once they find it/them, they will have solace, which will give them peace, purpose, and promise.

The written content in this post was authored by Arnita M. Williams, March 23, 2015.

  • An excerpt from an article I published on Linked-In March 23, 2015.
  • Use gifts and talents for oneself — don’t allow them to be devalued in pay and self-worth by and employer. They are exclusively yours.
  • When I think of freelancing, it becomes synonymous with gifts and talents, minus the middleperson (employer).
  • **Freelance is the best option to work from home, as opposed to working remotely for an employer, IF WFH is your preference.



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