How I Made $560 in 150 Minutes, and I Didn’t Write a Single Word

That equates to 2.5 hours @ $224 per hour — You can do it too!

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I know you’re probably wondering, how was I able to make money without writing a single word, when this platform is about writing, writers, and writing to provide readers with information?

Well, the latter is where I am — to inform you of how I made $224 in an hour without writing a single word (actually, it had nothing to do with writing), you can do it too, with any product or service, not only writing!

In the past two years, I’ve been brainstorming, researching YouTube, searching advice from other writers on Medium, visiting sites of creatives, and Googling key words, reading blogs of high-earners who had at least 1k followers or more, checking out self-help info on how to monetize online.

Once I began to explore online influencers, with huge followings, and mega-income streams, I sought to find out what they did to achieve their success.

Throughout my search, I had that “ah-ha” moment.

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I discovered what they all had in common. It wasn’t that they were all writers, because they weren’t. It wasn’t because they engaged in niches they ‘assumed’ would be of interest to others. But, what they did, was plain and simple —an age-old strategy.

I’m not saying that what they did was easy — some of the creatives, influencers, and producers admitted that it took lots of work, time, and commitment, at least in the beginning.

Their plain-and-simple strategy made it happen.

Actually, I thought it was something different, perhaps ‘magical’ that they were doing, since the advent of the internet and social media.

But, after I understudied the influencers, and mimicked what they did, it literally has paid-off for me — once my income stream began to flow, that’s when I brought my product to the internet.

I’m currently yielding the same results: High-pay and followers who are interested in what I have to sell.

I’m still building and capturing followers, and several have converted to customers — but not on this platform. I sell a very unique product, totally apart from writing — totally apart from Medium.

I only began “crushing it” in March. But, prior to that time, I viewed my product as a side-hustle hobby — that was the first obstacle that stifled me from growing and generating income.

Now that I’ve taken my product to the next level, from hobby-to-business, the flow of followers is constant — PayPal, Master Card, Visa, and Venmo continue to notify me via Square, that I have sales orders that need to be filled.

So, how did I make $224 per hour in less than three hours?

I did the same as the influencers, but, in the reverse — the reverse — using social media last.

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I mimicked the three main keys to the influencers’ success: market research (I identified my customers and their hangouts), advertising (I physically visited the public square, where my potential customers were, sat-up a booth and hung-out with my prospects to build relationships (marketing) — with those whom I knew were interested in my product — networked, distributed my biz cards (marketing & advertising) — converted prospects to customers — garnered a few social media followers — who shared promoted the products they purchased from me), and *afterwards, I hit-up social media to continue to share and market my product (digital). *I went on social media last, and funneled my customers to my site — that’s part of my marketing strategy that I did in reverse. Usually, social media is the initial step in garnering followers, and promoting products and services.

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I design and create leather handbags.

In March, during Women’s History Month, I rented and set-up my vendor booth at an exclusive women’s event, with my leather handmade purses.

It didn’t matter the cost of my bags.

During a two-and-a-half-hour period, I had a Square-swiping frenzy of debit and credit cards. Cash was shoved in my face, and purses were flying off the table, faster than I could replenish my display.

I also continue to “nurture” my customers online as followers with sales, special deals and discounts. I ask them for feedback and reviews.

Surveys are also very important to my business. I must make it apparent to my customers and prospects that I’m listening and that I hear them.

Ironically, something has happened, which has become a blessing in disguise. I’m selling more products offline than online — I’ve been receiving requests for custom orders, via text, phone calls, and email.

Just this month, I’ve been commissioned to produce two custom orders, which I have accepted, and they are not cheap — custom is always more expensive than cash-and-carry.

My customers have also been promoting my business via word-of-mouth — the best advertising that any business can receive. They’ve also been sharing my business info on their social media platforms.

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So, the takeaways —

  1. Mindset —take what you do to the next level — think of what you do as a business — think money, profit, income streams — for years, I viewed what I do as a hobby. My mindset didn’t allow me to move past doing what I love, it was just self gratification. Upon testing my product on my family, friends, and peers, I received lots of “likes” and positive feedback. But, I missed the cue to begin selling.
  2. Market Research — find out the demographics of your prospective customers — where do they live, income level, activities, careers, kids, age, marital status — the more you know about them, the better you will be able to serve them.
  3. Marketing— reach-out to your prospects, build relationships with them — online, or in-person. Face-to-face is what I did initially, which has been my unique selling point (USP). It’s helped me to convert more prospects into customers, because they are able to see me in real-life (the seller), and can see and touch (my product).
  4. Advertising — to garner a broader reach to get the public to set eyes on your product or service, online advertising is the way-to-go — but, I’m biased — face-to-face is better — it works for me.

So, as you can see, I used the ‘old-school’ method, with social media and the internet last. This has worked for me, since I have a product that I can physically take on the road.

This method can be least effective for services, since prospects cannot see, or feel the service until you’ve convinced them that you can deliver.

However, if you have testimonials and reviews from previous customers, there ‘s a good chance you can get prospects to buy into what you’re selling.

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