Let The Sun Shine In

Simple things in life that can enhance your quality-of-life

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

It’s very refreshing to open the blinds to let the morning sunrise brighten your day!

Natural light can inspire, infuse energy, encouragement, promise, purpose, hope, excitement, and a bright vision, although there’s so much more.

When I was growing-up, my mom would open the blinds to allow her green hanging plants to get the eastern light from the rising sun.

She was a true green thumb. She would water her plants, literally talk to them, and dust-off the plant leaves, so the plants could take in as much sunlight and nourishment as possible.

Photo by Conor Sexton on Unsplash

Just like the plants, we can also receive the same benefits from sunlight, at least, the emotions that are derived from it (not to mention Vitamin D).

Daily, I open my blinds for my plants too! But, I open my blinds to allow in natural light.

Being inside with the blinds closed all day, in a dark, isolated environment can deprive you, not only of the beauty of the sun, but, the enhancement of life.

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