Skin Care ~ It’s Not That Complicated

You’d be surprised at what’s in your kitchen pantry

Skin care. When you hear the phrase, the first things that may come to mind, are your face and all of the things associated with it, beauty, make-up, cleansers, or whatever issues are going on with your facial skin at the moment.

As an Indiana-state licensed nail-care professional, the first thing I was taught about in beauty school was skin, which is comprised of hair, skin, and nails.

Your outer “shell,” if you will, is made-up of a protective mass of protein, and the best way to describe it is:

Hair, skin, and nails are made of the same substance, which is keratin. A protective protein that is produced by the body.

The difference between keratin in hair, skin, and nails is the varying degrees of hardness.

We must nourish and care for all three components of the keratin on our bodies in the same manner, which are to keep them moisturized, which really, isn’t that complex.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the ABC network medical correspondent said it best, on the GMA 3 segment that aired 12/15/21 at spot 58:00 about skin care, especially during this time of the year:

My advice for winter skin, with so many people having some very common, but annoying skin problems in the winter months, these are my three tips:

1. Try oils rather than creams. You do not need to spend a lot of money.

Yes, you can get these oils from the cooking aisle. Anything that’s cream-based that’s white tends to have alcohol in it can actually dry out your skin even more.

2. Don’t bring the heat.

I’m a big fan of the hot shower, but dermatologists will tell you that is the worst thing that we can do for our skin, in terms of drying it out.

3. Super-important, my colleagues in dermatology, they will tell you 365 days a year, we need to put on that sunscreen, regardless of our skin color. So don’t forget that part.

Dr. Ashton is “a big fan of coconut oil, olive oil — head to toe.”

So, getting to-the-point, about skin care, yes, it is imperative that we keep our skin moisturized, from top to bottom (again, that includes hair, skin, and nails), which isn’t that complicated.

Go to your kitchen pantry, and grab some of that cooking oil.

It’s just that simple.



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