Week 8, Pt. I: Recap

Only two weeks left.

The week got off to a slow start.

I sent a finished deck to Melissa last Friday, but when I got to the office Monday, I realized some of the sources I wanted to use were still in my downloads folder on my computer. So, I added them into the deck, rearranged a little for clarity and sent her the revisions.

She stopped by my desk a few moments after and she was really appreciative of the updates.

Later, Molly, who I helped on a different project throughout last week, stopped by and thanked me for my work on that project. So after that, I felt like I was getting the hang of things and the rest of the week breezed by.

Window washers somewhere in the Financial District.

On Thursday, I got to go to a strategy team meeting. All of strategy in one room to talk about the direction of the department and the agency more broadly. We went around the room and gave updates on what we’d been working on lately. It was really interesting to hear about different peoples’ projects, workload and what they were excited about.

Also on Thursday, we had a fireside chat — an all agency huddle — with our CEO Jim Lesser on Skype from the BBDO New York office, where he was interviewing Kiersen Flanik, the president of BBDO NY about her career path, and her thoughts on getting more women into prominent roles in advertising.

Updates to the intern project

We’ve been kicking out creative ideas for a while and finally presented our top 5 ideas to Alex, the executive creative director who kicked off our first brainstorm. He liked most of them and gave direction on how to go forward.

We’ve only got two weeks left before we pitch on August 10th.

Friday, Molly briefed me in on the second phase of the project I helped with last week.

These last two weeks are going to be a rush to the finish line.

I’ve got my main assignment to complete for Melissa, new work for Molly and the intern project. Here’s to a not too stressful Week Nine.

Thanks for reading.

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