Being Known
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Being Known

A Post-Pandemic Fallacy

A haiku with commentary

Photo by Alex Korolkoff on Unsplash

Fans at college football game
Shoulder to shoulder.

I miss college football games, in person, in the stands — but I am not emotionally ready for them.

This was supposed to be the year; the year my college friends and I would reunite at our old alma mater to cheer on our…

Authentically sharing stories and poems from the heart about our experience of being human and our ongoing process of becoming perfectly imperfect. Writing mostly real and raw with a sprinkle of microfiction!

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Galit Birk, PhD, LPC-A

Galit Birk, PhD, LPC-A

Psychology, human potential, parent coaching, possibility, vulnerability, authenticity, connection, being known, giving my words wings! Perfectly imperfect.

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