The Caretakers

We called out for help

Being Known
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2 min readApr 26, 2021


Photo by Jacob Kelvin.J from Pexels

We called out for help

Called as far as the heavens

And it feels like no matter how far we called out

All our pleas were heard by very few

Time shows no sign of slowing down

As we were the ones responsible for being the caretakers

It was up to us

I remember the times you broke down

And all we had was each other

Feeling the frustration radiating in your heart

And now it felt like we’re all alone in this journey

At some point, we told ourselves it didn’t matter

All that mattered was that we had to remain strong

As time kept passing us by

We did the best of our ability to be there

At some point, we had to learn

That their past sins are not ours

And we will continue to move forward

Give us strength

Chosen from the start

May time heal all the damage in our scarred hearts

Give us strength

For the task given to us

For we are the ones

Chosen to be the caretakers.

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