Philippine business executives come together for LGBTI inclusion in Asia

UNDP in the Philippines & The Economist Events co-hosted the Executive Dialogue on Implementing LGBTI Inclusion in Asia, with more than 30 representatives from various business in the Philippines sharing experiences, challenges and best practices on LGBTI inclusion.

Titon Mitra, Country Director of UNDP Philippines opened the Executive Dialogue:

Charles Goddard (@CharlesMGoddard), Editorial Director of @TheEconomist Intelligence Unit for Asia Pacific moderated the round table discussion on LGBTI inclusion — action and implementation.

The discussion centered on the following topics:

  • Is there a business case for diversity and inclusion in workplaces in the Philippines? What are the benefits to a broadly inclusive workforce?
  • How are the Philippines’ “millennial” generation changing the meaning of diversity and encouraging companies to rethink their inclusion policies? To what degree will non-inclusive environments restrict a company’s ability to hire top domestic and foreign talent in the future?
  • What lessons have companies learned in creating inclusive workplaces for women, minorities, disabled workers and other marginalized groups? What policies and programmes have proved successful? How can these lessons be extended to the LGBTI community?
  • Does responsibility lie solely with human resource managers and diversity and inclusion departments? What role must the chief executive and senior management play?

Second session: Presentations

John Nicholls, Chief Operating Officer, HSBC and Chairman, Philippine Financial Industry, presents the Philippine Financial Industry Pride Experience in LGBTI Inclusion in the Workplace. The presentation focused on: how and why they were created; successful workplace equality practices in member organizations; specific policy and programmes on inclusive employment policies; challenges faced and how they overcame them; and membership.

Rainbow Rights Philippines presented on Diversity in the Workplace: A Handbook on Building LGBTI-Inclusive Workplaces in the Philippines

Atty. Mario Maderasa from the Commission on Human Rights presented on Business and Human Rights focusing on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (Pillar 2: Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights).

The Executive Dialogue is part of a series of two round table discussions held in January 2017 in Viet Nam and the Philippines. The discussions will shape the direction of the conversation at The Economist’s Pride and Prejudice forum, which will be held in New York, London and Hong Kong on 23 March 2017.

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