Laughing over liberal tears? Careful. They burn.

Acid Raid Damaged Gargoyle By User:Nino Barbieri (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The world has changed. I have changed. And it’s too soon now to tell how it’s all going to go.

In the early days of November, I was chugging along on two novels, life, life, life going on around me. And on election night, as I watched things turn impossibly, improbably red, our timeline shifted, and here we are.

Now those novels sit, covered in a fine layer of virtual dust, and the only thing I can think about, the only thing I can focus on, is this slow-moving outsized object that will crush everything we hold dear and likely us as well.

All of us.

See, here’s the thing. This Chunk of Doom doesn’t care if you voted for it. It doesn’t care if you stood outside and yelled your lungs out for the right to be white and to punish others for the sin of not being so. It doesn’t care if you pledged your fealty with a raised hand that looked suspiciously like a nazi salute. It doesn’t care if you voted to give aid to the wealthy, who really don’t need your aid and will reward you with a hand straight into your pocket.

It doesn’t care about you any more than it cares about the rest of us, who did care about you enough to try to explain you’d lose your Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and minimum wage and mandatory benefits and overtime and public education and health insurance.

We did care enough then.

A lot of us don’t now. A lot of us take with us as our only solace that you will be crushed as much as the rest of us. Maybe more than the rest of us.

Yes, we are special little snowflakes indeed, but we no longer seem to be shedding any liberal tears for you. Our bleeding hearts bleed for liberty, democracy, equality, justice.

But they do not bleed because you voted for someone who would take away your Obamacare, after you railed against Obamacare, and signed up for it anyway.

You chose a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women. You chose a man who would publicly mock a disabled reporter. You chose a man who sees the White House as a good opportunity to leverage foreign deals. You chose a man who is trying to insert his children into the succession of power, like some third-rate dictator. You chose a man who took money from a charity for children with cancer.

Who took money from a charity for children with cancer.

You chose a man who has never been loyal to anyone or anything, including, by the looks of it and his slavish devotion to Vladimir Putin, even his own country. You chose that man and expected him to be loyal to you.


So don’t demand a sympathetic ear over your totally predictable consequences for your choices. Accept them. You chose them. And accept that — now that you seem to be suddenly and conveniently fond of German words — there will be those of us reveling in our schadenfreude.

I told you, I have changed. Many of us have changed. Our liberal tears have turned acid.

Long may they rain.

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