We Are the Ambassadors of Truth

By Work Projects Administration Poster Collection [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Be prepared for people to treat you like you’re crazy. Let me tell you a little story.

Prior to the inauguration, I called my Senators and asked them not to attend, citing, among my concerns, the fear that Public Servant Donald Trump* — having unceremoniously dispatched the head of the DC National Guard mid-ceremony — was planning a military takeover.


In each case, the tone of voice on the other end became soft, soothing. Clearly, that tone said, they were talking with a tinfoil-hat-donning-unhinged-wild-theory-spinning-mad-person, one who needed to be placated and dispatched quickly.

Then the news emerged that Trump requested missile launchers and tanks for his parade, a request the military denied. And then Trump threatened to invade Chicago.

If you’re reading this article, you are probably more informed than most people you know. And what you have to say may sound unlikely for those people who get their information from mainstream sources that sand and smooth the sharp and terrifying bits of descending totalitarianism. May sound ridiculous.


Say it anyway, my friends. Say it anyway. Say it though you see people’s eyes glazing; say it though you see the expression on their face change, ever so slightly. Be ready with names of people doing the work: Greg Palast with Crosscheck and voter suppression; Sarah Kendzior with authoritarianism; Scott Dworkin with Trump’s global business conflicts and Russian ties.

Because we, the informed, the awakened, the ones with our eyes wide with understanding, we are the ambassadors of information. We are the ambassadors of truth.

And just as propaganda grows and solidifies in the retelling, truth can do the same. Facts repeated remain facts, but they become truth known by more people.

We are in a battle for reality, and our role is larger, more dire, more important than temporary embarrassment. No one wants any of it to be true. No one really wants a country held hostage by a seemingly unstable, rage-filled man who thinks his role is one of unlimited, rather than constitutional, power.

No one wants to think that, in their giddy glee of finally achieving their wildest dreams of draconian existence for their constituents, Republicans will aid and abet a dictator in the making. But we’ve yet to see hearings on Russian involvement in the election. Or even hearings on the Trump regime’s use of private email on the reportedly-hacked RNC server.

Not one of them has made a peep about his outrageous Executive Orders, orders that stride boldly into the realm of the Legislative Branch.

Be the Cassandra of mythology, spouting prophesies even if people refuse to listen. Shout to the wind, write in the sand. Be the beacon. Do whatever it takes. Tell them.

We are the ambassadors of truth. Reality depends upon us.

*(I do not use the word “president” to describe or address Trump. Instead, I remind him that the job is not one of a king).

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