There are over a dozen articles on blogs, in books and on various websites about productivity. Each article, each blog has taught us ways to be more productive.

But today, I will talk about being Productive — The Modern Way. With the rapid change happening in modern lifestyle, productivity styles are also changing.

Let’s take a look at some of the major changes in the productivity scenario

More focus on Quality compared to More Quantity

During old times, people focused on delivering more numbers, more targets, and more projects because of which the quality got affected.

Modern productivity style focuses more on the quality of your output rather than quantity. Even if you deliver one project, let the quality of that project be such that it outnumbers 10 other projects.

Modern work culture gives more importance to qualified projects rather than quantified ones because quality means assurance and trust; which is the base measurable of a talented worker.

Focus on Starting the Work rather than Unlimited Planning

During old times, work started only after meticulous planning was done. Meetings after meetings, proposals, plans, too much of planning resulted in a loss of productive work hours.

In this modern lifestyle, where time is less and ideas are more, a speedy execution is a must. Dear friends, here I don’t mean to say that do not plan for your projects. Of course planning is necessary. But do not waste your precious time in planning more than what is necessary. Make a base plan, list out your activities and get going.

Because as we all know,

“Actions give more results than plans”

Technology replacing Paperwork

Before modern lifestyle took over the work scenario, everything was done on paper. More paperwork meant more utilization of time. Manually doing the paperwork sometimes resulted in errors due to the worker’s fatigue.

But today, there is no need to worry friends. Technology has now replaced the manual paper work. Every process right from filling out forms to banking has become digital and online. Less paperwork and more technology means less chances of errors, less time usage, more productivity, faster outputs and much more.

“Digitization is IN”

Single Tasking versus Multitasking

Old ways of productivity assumed that juggling the tasks would make you more productive. But the real scenario is that when you are juggling various tasks, you cannot fully concentrate on one.

For better productivity, modern working style believes in single tasking for better focus and better quality of output. You can always start a different task after completing one fully. This way you can give more productive results and more qualified results.

So friends, rather than working continuously like a machine, let’s start working smartly and let’s increase our Productivity — The Modern Way!!