The Day I Became an Entrepreneur

This article first appeared on the Technablers blog.

My younger self will not be pleased had she known that she would one day become an entrepreneur.

When I was younger, I dreamed of making it big in the corporate world. I had grand plans of smashing glass ceilings as a business executive and a woman.

I’m unsure where my fascination of having a high-powered corporate job stems from. Perhaps it’s a convoluted mix of culture, upbringing and the TV shows and movies I’ve seen.

I actually had that dream up until my last job. My last job was amazing. The pace at which I learned was off the charts. I was immersed in the global digital media space where I learned how to launch a website, fix bugs, grow audiences, run a newsroom, and manage a team. It wasn’t bad at all that I was in the company of incredibly smart colleagues who pushed me to greater heights in my career.

Come to think of it, my last job was my younger self’s dream job. But fate had it that my dream job and I would part ways.

I suddenly had so much free time and energy, which I used to finally work on my passion project, Go Breastfeed, a website and community that educates and empowers people to breastfeed. This would also be the first time that my husband, who is a programmer, and I would work together. I’m glad to report that our marriage remains unscathed.

During that time, I had been searching for a job too. Unfortunately, age and experience have rendered me a very picky job hunter. I couldn’t find roles that would challenge me and companies where I would be a fit.

“If I can’t find a role and a company that I like, I’m just going to have to build them myself,” I said.

I don’t know if you believe in divine interventions and destiny. I do. The day I was rejected for a potentially nice job was the same day that the business papers for our digital media consulting and web development company were finalized. Technablers, Inc. was born.

I took it as a sign that, on that day, I was destined to be an entrepreneur.

Now there are no glass ceilings for me to smash. Instead, we will build everything from the ground up.

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