How juerix landing page got 1500+ visitors for just $10?

Continuation of Market to the market.

Yes, we did it! You must’ve heard a lot of success stories getting million of visitors in a just a couple of days. They are true but do they really achieve that number in a couple of days? NO! There is lot of testing and failure behind the scene.

Step 3: Bulls eye

Marketing it to the point. Now you’ve all sorted out. What channels you should use? Why should you use ? and how you should use it?

Now the question is where to start from? The answer is Organise, know the priority and start.

Juerix got help from the book called “Traction” by Gabriel Weinberg. It had this chapter called Bulls eye. They provided us with a spreadsheet and asked us to note down all of our tractions channels, ALL OF THEM. Even the one we thought would not be good enough. You can get the spreadsheet here.

As you notice the spreadsheet, right after the traction channels, there is a cell called strategy. That is the strategies you would use on that channel. For example: Juerix’s first traction channel is Facebook. Now the strategy would be, advertising juerix’s fan page or advertising every juerix’s post, etc.

Next is status — that is what status is your traction channel in. 
1 — Idea = still thinking about it.
2 — Testing = start doing the testing. 
3 — Tested = tested the channel.
4 — Focusing = tested and was a success. 
5 — Abandoned = tested and was a failure.

After that, you have to think of a way how you can quickly and cheaply test the traction channel. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on the single channel because you will have several traction channels planned out and you would like to know which 3 channel works best.

Let me give you a homework: Understand the rest of the criteria on that spreadsheet.

To be continue…

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