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ADHD Struggles; Why Should Sky be the Limit?

What can we learn from Eren Eren Yēgā? Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Mental Health — Pakistan

Anxious Child:

When teachers and parents catastrophise any small mistake without acknowledging the child's struggle (consciously or unconsciously), the child's brain starts firing signals — part of the brain responsible for fear. And if done repeatedly, the brain begins to fire most of the time. Hence, an anxious child.

Anxious Child, Anxious Adult

As I have highlighted previously, when the child's safe space is compromised and constantly signals fears, as an adult, the chances are that the child is less willing to take risks, makes hasty decisions and immediately wants to rectify the situation. This is partly because the grown-up brain now tends to fire up out of proportion in any stress-provoking case that reminds this adult of childhood experiences.

Is there a Secret Ingredient?

One common trait in ADHD success stories, one endures hard work — a willingness to meet challenges head-on. It also takes support from a significant one who believes in you. It could be a family member, teachers, therapists, and coaches.



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Dr. Aisha Sanober Chachar

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