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Being Well received some amazing content in the past few days. Here, we share our favorites.


In times of crisis, heroes emerge. Leaders lead. Where many see adversity, others find opportunities. In every city, strangers united to use their gifts and talents to help #stopthespread. MacArthur Medical Center shares a story to remind all of us that the best of humanity is always right around the corner.

How the Quilting Angels Senior Citizens Group Made 5,700 Masks to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

This article by Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa was 4X curated in SOCIETY, RACE, HEALTH, and EQUALITY. He calls out physicians to do what we can to address the systemic racism in our society. Healthcare is not immune to the virus or racial disparities.

I Thought We In The Medical Field Were Immune From Racism

His name was Juan. He was not just a DOA. He had a family. Michael Burg, MD’s powerful narrative takes us inside the trauma center. Required physician detachment is suddenly disrupted when a junior resident finds the patient’s family photo.

How a Photo and Name Brought Dignity to Death


We all want to get out of the house and find something to do this summer. Alison Escalante MD helps break down the risks of various activities in the MUST READ article for the summer

Here’s What We Can Do For Fun This Summer With Coronavirus

Mental Health

Unused pharmaceuticals are potential health and environmental disasters. Lisa Bradburn’s article was curated in ADDICTION.

Return Unused Pharmaceuticals to the Drug Store, Not on the Streets

Physicians do not always take care of our own needs. We need to. We are human as Carmen Fong, MD shares this personal anecdote reflecting on her own humanity.

I’m A Doctor, But I’m Also Human

Psychiatrist Dr. Grant H Brenner explains the relationship between narcissistic personalities and processing pain.

The Surprising Consequences of How Narcissists Process Pain

The mental effects on the pandemic on healthcare providers is an incredibly important topic. Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa contributed this heartfelt story reminding us of our limitations.

Doctors Cannot Take The Inevitable Loss of Covid-19 Patients Personally


Medical student, Jesse Smith’s article was curated in CORONAVIRUS explaining ECMO and its role in treatment.

ECMO and the Treatment of Severe Covid-19

Our friend in Turkey Eden Kunter continues her international perspective reminding us we are all in this together.

The Unspoken Toll On Non-COVID-19 Deaths

Walking around my neighborhood, I see many still have not accepted the message that masks reduce the spread of COVID-19. We thank Abu Bakar Pasha for the reminder

Masks Are The New Lifestyle in COVID-19


Child and adolescent mental health physician Dr. Aisha Sanober Chachar shares insight into her writing process. Applying the scientific method she shares the three P’s: 3Ps: Perseverance, Practice, and Paying attention.

What Writers’ Routines Teach Us — 3Ps

Women’s Health

Dr. Jeff Livingston had one article curated in HEALTH.

What is a LEEP Procedure and Why Do I Need It?

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